Friday, July 22, 2011

Today, July 22, the group finished up their 2nd and last session with model "Angela".
In attendance today: Katrina McDowell, Dan Hollingshead, Julie Petro, Cherie Nobilette, Gaynor Nelson, Susan Mara, Bill Stoehr, Mary Frances Krause, Anne Boettcher, Grahame Atkinson, Robert Goldsworthy and Claire Evans

Friday, June 17, 2011

Draw-In at Mary Williams Fine Art

Yesterday afternoon LFA met at Mary Williams Fine Arts in Boulder for what will be our first of hopefully many "Draw-In" events there. It was a bustling scene as 16 artists, one model and dozens and dozens of curious art-lovers came to watch us draw, paint and sculpt. Anne Schmid of the Longmont Council for the Arts was our muse for the day; it's always a treat to work with such a beautiful and elegant model. Afterwards Mary hosted a reception for artists and guests. Thank you to Mary and Amelia for such a wonderful event, and thank you to everyone who came down to join us. We really enjoyed chatting with everyone.
Dru Marie Roberts and Scott Fraser and our model Anne Schmid. All photos on this post courtesy of Peter E. Nelson.
Susan Crouse, Susan Mara (behind easel) Robert Goldsworthy, John Taft, Grahame Atkinson (seated) Anne Boettcher, Dan Groenwald, Julie Petro, Jason McPhillips (behind easel), Cheri Nobilette, and Scott Fraser.
Cherie Nobilette, Scott Fraser, Claire Evans, Dru Marie Roberts and Jason Emery and Anne Schmid.
Claire Evans and Dru Marie Roberts chat during a session.
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